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-Phil Hellmuth

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Name: Annie Duke
DOB: September 13, 1965
Alias: Annie Legend, The Duke, The Duchess of Poker
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: American
Total Winnings (as of Jan '07):
$3,400,000 (live tournament)
Notable accomplishments:
WSOP Highlights:
 Bracelet(s): 1 (+1)
 Money finishes: 33 (+1)
 Highest ITM main event finish: 10th, 2000
 *ITM = in the money, To place high enough in a poker tournament to get prize money.
WPT Highlights:
 Titles: None
 Final tables: 0(+1)
 Money finishes: 2

Annie Duke Biography

Duke was born in New Hampshire where she lived with her family which includes her brother Howard Lederer (professional Poker Player) and her sister Katy Lederer (Author and Poet). Annie attened Columbi University and double majored in English and Psychology. Before finishing her graduate work Annie married her close friend from school Ben Duke. They moved to Montana and just a month before defending her PH.D. work Annie decided to leave school to persure a professional poker career. This move was supported by her brother Howard.

In 1994 the Dukes moved to Las Vegas so that Annie could start playing poker full time. Up until this point she was under the guidence and (initial) finacial backing of her brother Howard.

Annie entered the 2000 WSOP and finished the main event in 10th place which was one seat short of the final table. While playing in the WSOP Annie was 8 months pregnant with her third child.

In 2002 Duke had moved to Portland Oregon to work with ieLogic which is a company that produces online casino software. Annie and Ben were divorced in 2004. A year later Annie and her children had moved to Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles with her boyfriend actor/producer Joe Reitman.

By 2004 Annie was the one doing the tutoring when she took Ben Affleck under her wing and taught him to play poker. Ben then went on to win that years California State Poker Championship for which gave Duke considerable publicity. 2004 also saw Annie win her first WSOP gold bracelet in the Omaha Hi-Lo tournament. Not only did she win her fist bracelet, Annie also eliminated her brother from no less than 4 seperate events. 2004 was a good year for Annie as she also participated in ans won the inaugural World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions which was a winner take all 10 player event. Annie pocketed 2 million dollars for her win. This was the largest single payout too a female player until Annette Obrestad narrowly broke the record in 2007.

In recent years Annie has stopped playing in Women's only tournaments as she feels that men have no advantage over women when playing poker. She doesn't understand why there is even Women only events. Annie also feels that poker players should be allowed to wear sponsorship logos when playing. She states that since they pay to enter the tournaments they should be allowed to wear sponsorship logos.

Annie currently holds the record for the most "in the money" finishes for women in the WSOP.

Annie has made many appearences on TV. She had appeared on the Colbert report where she was the first poker celebrity to grace the show. She has also been on 1 vs 100 as part of the mob. She is the longest running member of the mob in the history of the show. There has also been a tv special on GSN about Annie Duke entitled Annie Duke Takes on the World which has Annie playing against ameteur poker players. Annie has also played in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour where she played Elimination Blackjack.

Annie Duke has appeared on NBC's Poker After Dark twice but has not won.

World Series of Poker Bracelets

Personal life


* Annie helped her brother Howard promote a Poker video game in which she and Howard were featured. (2005).

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