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'The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chip was a genius.'
-Julius 'Big Julie' Weintraub

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Name: Chris Moneymaker
DOB: November 21, 1975
Alias: N/A
Hometown: Tennessee
Nationality: American
Total Winnings (as of Jan '07):
$5,650,000 (live tournament)
Notable accomplishments:
WSOP Highlights:
 Bracelet(s): 1
 Money finishes: 6
 Highest ITM main event finish: 2nd, 2004
 *ITM = in the money, To place high enough in a poker tournament to get prize money.
WPT Highlights:
 Titles: 0
 Final tables: 3(+1)
 Money finishes: 8

Chris Moneymaker Biography

Chris Moneymaker maybe solely responsible for the poker craze in recent years that started after his remarkable win at the 2006 World Series of Poker.

Chris was working as an accountant when he qualified fo a seat in the 2003 main event WSOP by winning a $39 online satellite tournament. From this seat he went on to win the $2.5 million dollar first prize. With this win Chris instantly became a Poker Superstar for the simple fact that this was his first live tournament and that he qualified for his seat online.

After winning the tournament Chris quit his job to become the spokesman for Harrah's Entertainment (which owns the WSOP) and to travel to play in large buy-in tournaments.

At the WPT Chris finished second in the Shooting Stars event which earned him $200,000.

On Thursdays Chris can be heard on the Playboy Radio's Morning show which can found on Sirius satellite Radio.

World Series of Poker Bracelets

Personal life


Moneymaker is in fact Chris's real Birthname. Moneymaker is a modification of the German last name "Nurmacher". This makes Moneymaker a aptronym, which is a name that is suited to it's owner.


2005 Chris published his autobiography titled "Moneymaker: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker" © 2024. All rights reserved.